Mary Jane

Blonde woman wears skimpy Little Red Riddinghood outfit, completely with sheer white bra.

Some girls are made to be the center of attention. They didn’t ask for it. It’s simply amazing genetics. That’s exactly what Mary Jane is. One look at her and you’ll be hooked. From the flat, toned tummy to the large breasts and a booty that’s beyond epic. 

Of course, she doesn’t keep her body nice and tight without work. She loves the gym and she loves working her behind off. She wants to stay prime so you can enjoy her Grade A fine choice booty.

Some people come to Vegas and book escorts because they want a companion. They don’t necessarily want to stand out or be the center of attention. Nothing wrong with that. Everyone has that something-something they are interested in. But if you want a girl that will turn heads as they watch her booty bounce right on by, Mary Jane is the kind of girl you need to book for yourself. 

That’s not to say she’s just some eye candy or arm candy. She’s the perfect combination of looks and personality. She loves to laugh and she loves to try new food. Whether you are interested in hitting up one of the fine dining restaurants in town, or you’d rather hit up a burger and beer joint, she’s good to go. Because she’s comfortable in a show-stopping dress with amazing cutouts, or wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Everything is cool with her, which is why when it comes to a Las Vegas private escort service, she’s at the top of the list. 

Whether you want Las Vegas escort room service or you want to go out, give Mary Jane a hit. 

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