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So we meet in Las Vegas. Did your horoscope reading tell you about it? Did it say you’d meet me here? Mine keeps saying I’ll discover the love of my life in the near future, but it hasn’t happened yet. Although I’ve adopted a dog. Is the love of my life the dog? God, depressing. Please book a date with me, so I can discover a true love that doesn’t walk on all-fours and shed. 

I’m glad you’ve come to the Las Vegas best escort service. I know there’s a lot of sites out there, not all of which are reputable. I’ve heard some terrible horror stories from men I’ve met. Hopefully you don’t have any, but you’re more than welcome to share if you have. I’ll make up for it. I promise. After all, the horoscope said I’d fall in love, and when has a horoscope ever been wrong (don’t answer that)?

By working with the top ten escort services in Las Vegas you put yourself with the very best girls out there. And, most importantly, you put yourself in line to go on a date with me. I’m cool to chill and I’m cool to rave. Want to hit up the night glove and get real weird with it? Let’s do it. Want to kick back and watch a movie of people dancing and getting weird with it? We can do that too. I’m flexible in so many ways. But, of course, the only real way you’ll discover this is if you hit me up and schedule a time with me. Do it soon, because I’m so excited and dying to meet you. 

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