Blonde woman in white thong and panties pushes herself up from a pool chair.


Daisy here. I come from SoCal and I’ve been rockin’ it here in Vegas for a few years now. Yeah, there are some things I miss about living in LA, but it was just such a pain to get anywhere in town. Such a drag hanging in an Uber for hours to get cross-town. Vegas? Na, it’s not like that. I can chill on the strip and spring from one pool party to the next. It ain’t that hard. 

You know what else ain’t hard? Falling in love with me. I know, I’m that blonde California girl. Katy Perry knew what she was talking about. Bout what I want to see is if you can make me fall in love with you. You up for the challenge. 

I know there’s a load of Las Vegas escorts services out there. But don’t even bother with those other ones. You’ve got the best escort service Las Vegas has to offer right here. And after a date with me, you’ll know why. 

So what’ll it be? Pool? Dancing? Drinks? Hanging in your hotel room? Let me know, baby. Because I’m ready for it. What you should be asking yourself though is if you’re ready for me.

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