Blonde woman shows off bare butt to the viewer while caressing her leg.

I have had the best time as an escort! I really have. I’m not like a lifer escort or anything like that. Honestly I’ve only been doing it for a short time, but I can’t believe how amazing it’s been!

I had some girlfriends a few years back start doing it. I didn’t know what to think about it, but they swore it was amazing. They got to meet all kinds of people, some of which they still contact on a regular basis. I figured I’d give it a try (not to boast or anything, but I’m definitely hotter than them). So, I started up, and it’s been nothing but a blast. 

When I first signed up I knew there were all kinds of Las Vegas NV escort services. But I wanted a service that was legit and would connect me with people like you that want to enjoy each others company. And I wanted to set my own rules. Let the legal escort service Las Vegas company connect me with someone, and then let me take it from there. 

After all, you and I, we don’t play by the normal rules. We dictate the rules as we go. It is so much more fun that way I think. So what do you say? Want to meet up, have a blast, and maybe bend our own rules just a little bit? Give my pictures a gander, and, if you like, hit me up!

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